No Matter What You Do

Can you please tell me
What it is I am
Supposed to see
When I look at
The world around me
The more we change'
The more we seem to
Stay the same
And all around me
Insanity is what I see
Can you please tell me why
It is always the blind
Leading the blind
Am I really that crazy
For asking why
Just because
What I see
You can't see
Doesn't make
What I see
Any less of a reality
And can you tell me society
How does it feel to treat
Others the way you treat me
Let me tell you something
I may be different
But at least I've never spent
My whole life
Bringing pain and strife
To those who while different
Have wanted nothing but
To live a life
That wasn't full of fear
Tell me can you hear
The voices of the souls
You have killed
Do what you will
But us dreamers will
Always be there
Fighting for you
No matter what you do

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