Day After Day

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

As we watch all of the violence
We suffer in silence
Silence is golden
Until it is broken
By words unspoken
Heavy is the weight I'm holding
But that's okay you have it too
In fact we all do


We are all pawns
Within a game
We only have
Ourselves to blame
The world is a stage
But we are still
All fools in a play

Verse 2

We all carry that weight
Day after day
What can I say
It's always the same
Even when we change
Nothing goes away
Oh God please don't say
This hate is here to stay


Verse 3

I am a dreamer and believer
And I'll never be the only one
Who knows this world can be as one
And when all is said and done
You will be the only one
Because you never believed
Or even dared to dream


Verse 4

But as for me I believe
That peace can be
If we all just believed
Oh can't you see
Just believe
That peace can be
And love is really all you need


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