Can You Tell Me

Can you tell me where do I hide
When the world breaks me inside
I feel like I have spent
My entire life
Just asking why
And getting no real answers
I have grown less and less sure
Of what it is I am living for
Can you tell me why
It's always the blind
Leading the blind
Can you tell me why
So many live their lives
Completely dead inside
Hoping someone will see their pain
And the world will make sense again
Can you tell me why
The people living on the street
We as a society
Have decided just not to see
Can you tell me
Where is the sanity
In so proudly
Living in a world of greed
And ignoring those in need
Can you tell me
What is the harm in believing in peace
When really all we need
To do is plant the seed
And teach others to believe
Can you tell me

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