I Look At The World

I look out at the world
And take pity on the souls
Of a corrupted world
That has grown so heartless
We don't even care
Who it is we screw anymore
Just as long as we get paid somehow
We don't care who
Ends up underground
Let's face it my friends
This world has already grown
Just so cold that society
Has become just toxic
It makes me soul sick
Yet on each other
We place the blame
Day in day out all we do is
Scream and shout
All while playing
The blaming game
And for what we just don't know
There is more humanity
In society
Than we like to claim
And lets face it
Instead of use it
We still treat
Each other like shit
But why
Why does the blind
Still lead the blind
And disregard
Those we left behind
Why should we care
When society refuses to be fair
Its just too much to bare
The insanity
In which we choose to live here

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