Take Pride

This world has just
Grown so bloody cold
But look in the eyes
Of a child
And you'll see
That innocence
Is alive and well
And for that innocence
We don't have
To sell our souls
And yet we do
In a world that's heartless
What the hell
Is wrong with you
Why so many you
Just have to see through
Without getting to know
The person behind the lies
We live day after day
Just to keep hate at bay
Why do we live this way
Hiding instead
Of showing
The real me and you
Please heed this message
That I give you
Be nothing but the you
You can be proud of
Because push come to shove
That is all that will ever matter
Just be you
Never compromise
Who you are inside
Because my friend
You are a prize
And in who you are
Always take pride

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