Can You Tell Me Why

Can you tell me why
We live so blind
It makes no sense
To this fragile mind
Why do we claim to fight
For what we think is right
When we just fight in vain
For our own personal gain
It's so insane
How when so much can change
So many things just stay the same
And we are all to blame
For treating life
Like it's a game
The pain of this
Builds in my brain
While I wonder
Why more don't
Question this
To find humanity
You know society
Is running out of time
We have done this
Time after time
One step forward
Two steps back
Tell me who is
Supposed to
Pick up the slack
Our grip on reality
Is slowly fading
While further into
Insanity we are falling
As judgement day begins
We know our fates are grim
Because we chose to fight
Day and night
Instead of accept the peace
That was always
All around us
Day after day

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