Tell Me

Tell me how many souls
You will have had to sold
To be able to ignore
The injustice all around us
Threatening to end us
Tell how many you
Yourself had to screw
For your soul
To grow so cold
You may know your wrong
Yet still it's the same old song
You'll only admit your wrong
After your dead and gone
Tell me where did your hate come from
Like me where you once the lonely one
Whose life was undone
By the toxic ones
Those who live just
To be the last ones
Standing no matter how
Cruel they have to be
Tell me where you once like me
Searching for a peace
Most don't know to seek
Or are you just a prick
Who doesn't give a shit
That because of you
I am the mess that is me
Tell me in the mirror
Exactly who it is that you see
Tell me

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