Your being so soul less
Is nothing but toxic
Tell me brother
How can you
Be so heartless
I wake in pain
As I ask myself in vain
How society
Could possibly be
Just oh so toxic
It's so obnoxious
How we live our lives
In nothing but vain
And seem to live
To just cause each
Other nothing but pain
It's so insane
Yet everyday
It's all the same
We live life like
It's just a game
One at which
We all cheat
While never seeing
The truth buried
Oh so deep
I wish we could
Just live and
Let live
Instead of that
Just being
Something we forgot
And that we would stop
Being something we're not
Gee here's a thought
Giving each other
And ourselves
An actual fair shot
Instead of trying to
Be something we are not
In the mean time though
Please answer this Bro
Why do I seem
To be the only
One so sick
Of our society
Just being
Oh so toxic

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