The Death Penalty (Not On My Hands)


Not on my hands
For the death penalty
I will never stand
Please understand
Not everyone you
Condemn to death
Is guilty
And in my mind
One innocent death
Is just one too many
And yet you refuse to care
Please just tell me
Why you can't see
The blatant immorality
Of the death penalty
An eye for an eye
Has made us all blind
But how can we
Be to blind to see
And realize
That is all the death penalty is
An eye for an eye
State sanctioned murder
That is just way too glorified
It just kills me inside
To know how blind
We choose to live
Live and let live
Has never meant a damn thing
In our blind as hell society
And I find it sickening
How we can ignore the facts
And let our emotions
Take over and override our instincts
And condemn those
Who we know should be free
But all I know is
If you ask me
Not on my hands
For in this insanity
I will never believe

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