Who Am I

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I started off so innocent
But by the age of ten
All I felt was spent
My childhood came and went
But I don't remember it
I just remember fear and pain
That still drives me insane
I was eight when this all started
Happy, shy, and goodhearted
Now all I am is
The shadow of a girl
Who lived in a better world
Who had so much
To live for
But now that girl
Just doesn't know anymore

God will you please tell me
Who am I supposed to be
Can you please
Just tell me who I am
Please just show me
That piece that's always been missing
Can you please just tell me
Who I really am

Verse 2
After so many errors
Who am I supposed
To see in the mirror
The hate you gave me
When I was younger
Still grows inside me
Waiting to escape me
I tried to fight
But please just tell me why
It never mattered
How hard I tried
No matter what I did
I still cried
Myself to sleep at night
wondering if I will
Ever be alright


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