Our Time To Change The World

Every single one action
Starts a chain reaction
One million strong
Starts with one
So come on
Let's get this done
Come now my dreamers
And believers
Just dying
To finally
Be heard
It is our time
To finally
Change the world
Imagine dream do
Is what we need to do
Just imagine
The strength
Inside of you
Dream of a
Better world
Than the one
You always knew
Find a way
To make it happen
Then go out and do it
And never forget to dream
Oh society
Can't you see
What you are doing
With your hatred
And conformity
The only cure for which
Is individuality
Yes Bobby Dylan
The times they are a changin'
But the more things change
The more they stay the same
But why does it
Have to be that way
We can change things
If we just imagine
And dare to believe
In the dreams
We dare to dream
Peace can be
But only if it
Starts with in
You and me

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