Let My People Live

On that day
We all watched
As those planes
In hate they came
And took away
More than
Words can say
If only we
Could turn
Back the hands
Of time
Just to have
One more day
With those
Whose lives
Were stolen
And taken away
Their souls may
Be lost
But will never
Be forgotten
As our world
Is now forsaken
To reality
We are awaken
It's just too much
To take in
Live and let live
That's how it's
Supposed to be
Now we all struggle
To be free from the
Fear and pain within
When will our
Healing begin
Just let my people live
How did the world
Get this way
Why do some people
Just live to hate
They just come
And take away
In their greed
A part of you
And a part of me
The blame within
We just don't
Want to see
On each other
We place the blame
It's a crying shame
Why do we live this way
Why can't we
Just learn to tolerate
And forget how to hate
Before it's too late
We try to forget
We can never forgive
As the pain sets in
Oh God just let
My people live

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