Nicky The Super Swede

Nicklas Backstrom
Washington's Super Swede
Our shy but beautiful
Rough and tumble
Number 19
Always there
In our time of need
And what's scary
Is his true potential
Is still yet to be seen
His amazing talent
Makes other players green
With incredible envy
As he makes yet
Another incredible
Goal look easy
Oh darling Nicky
How Washington D.C.
Does love thee
Our lovable darling
Beautiful Nicky
Our sweet number 19
Our incredible
Super Swede
Oh how lucky
We are to
Have thee
And I think
I speak
For everybody
When I say
You make us happy
When you play
And D.C. will
Always love thee
Oh darling Nicky
Our sweet number 19
Our incredible
Beautiful Super Swede

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