The Russian Wall

Semyon Varlamov
My Beautiful
Russian Wall
Always happy
To answer the call
Making some of
The best
Goal scorers fall
Skill, patience, and passion
This young goalie
Just has it all
Even with the odds
All stacked against him
He doesn't let the
Pressure get to him
As he makes yet
Another super star fall
The man is a beast
His fury always unleashed
With a level of talent
Nowhere else seen
With skills so insane
They will blow your brain
He can stop goals
No one else can
I don't know
About you
But this girl
Is a forever fan
And now with
Eyes full of passion
And a scary patience
He smiles as
The game begins
We watch in awe
As he does it again
With flawless skill
And jaw dropping ease
He makes his job look
Ridiculously easy
It is obvious to me
That in that goal
Is exactly where
Our dear Varly
Was born to be
Making so called
Super stars fall
Washington DC's
Beautiful Russian Wall
Our darling
Semyon Varlamov

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