The Way I am

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Looking back at all
The times I could
Never just get it right
And I lost myself inside
My chaotic mind
Just to hide from
You who live life
So fucking blind
You know of nothing
Outside of your own
Fucked up minds

I just really need to say
I'm sorry if you
Can't handle the way I am
I cannot be who I am not
God help me this is
All I've got

Verse 2
And I cannot believe
All the times
You fed to me
Your lies
And you prayed upon
My saddened mind
But now I see through you
And you just have no clue
Of the consequences
Of the fucked up shit
That you do 


This the only me
I have ever known
I never really
Wanted you to see
The fucked up
Side of me
I just can't seem
To keep locked inside me
It always gets
The best of me
But I really need
You to know
There is more to me
Than that oh
So get ready to go oh
Because ready set here I go


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