In A World Of You (I'm Glad I'm Me)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Dicks and Karen's 
Hiding around
Every corner
Just waiting
To make you 
Their next victim
As they tell you
How they are better
And God help you
If you stand up
For what is right
Or even for you
And the rights
In your own life
Piss one off
And you hear the screech
As your body
Starts to shake
You know what's coming
There is no point 
In bracing
Or arguing
You are now the next victim
Of them

Dicks and Karens
If you only knew
How much we can't stand you
Or anything you do
You insist that we are the fools
But the mirror tells the truth
That you refuse to see
And frankly in a world of you
I have never been so glad
To fucking be me

Verse 2
The world 
Revolves around them

No really just ask them
A perfect example
Of someone 
Who is long over due
To not only hear 
Their own personal truth
But also the word no
Which they have clearly
Never heard before
And yeah it shows
The walking definition
Of the word spoiled
They demand respect

That they only think
They actually get
And classless
And heartless
Its enough to make you think
I may not be much
But at least I'm not that worthless
They are the laughing stock
Of society
While insisting
They are better than everybody
While making us all think 
God damn I am so glad
I'm me

Will make something
Out of absolutely nothing
And God help you
If you don't help them
Fast enough
They live to 
Speak to the manager
And get high 
On their own illusion
Of power
It's enough 
To make anybody
Go fucking crazy
Would be funny
If it wasn't so 
Sad and infuriating
Tell me 
How did we get here society
And why are they running everything


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