The Enemy In The Mirror

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Human rights protests
And arguments 
Over masks
As a virus
Shrugged off
By our own
Commander and chief
Kills without mercy
Attacking each other blindly
And acting selfishly
It has become a threat to everybody
And yet we still just can't see
In the mirror the true enemy
That has become of society
Everyone one of us 
You and me

A country 
Divided in two
Both sides fighting
One for change

The other to 
Keep things the same

They drink the kool aid
As another day begins
And the game starts over again

Verse 2
The count down
To election day
Dwindling down
Another day
Another tragedy 
It seems
Without fail
Can be found
Our own insanity
Weighing us down
With no end in sight
Everyone screaming
No one listening
As we one by one
Day by day
From the inside out
Start to fade away
Into nothing


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