Problematic Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

And annoyed
Set off
And offended by

Every little thing
Always screaming for change

But refusing to change ourselves
Surrounded by 

A literal hell 
We have brought on

Putting progress
On the shelf 
And our mental health

On the back burner

Just to bitch
About bullshit again
Mother fuckers 

I'm sick of this
Getting worse and worse

By the day
Each day
Another version
Of the same
Fucking game

Driving me insane
Tell me society
Are any of us
Actually winning

So many problems
So few solutions

Or people even

Trying to find them
Tell me people 
How can any one 
Be right
If everyone is wrong
Verse 2
Trigger happy
And wishy washy
A world that only
Knows how to be
Fake happy

A word 

That has lost
All meaning

Always demanding it

But never ever showing it
So caught up

In our own 


Blind to being


Yet oh so distant

Here I sit 
Just praying

To find one

Sane and peaceful moment

In a world so broken
It doesn't even know it

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