What Has Become Of Us

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
One love
One life
One sight
One light
Shining bright
In the dead of night
Daring us
To with all our might
Fight the evil
We see tonight
But will we do it
No we won't
We'll sit back and bitch
Like we always do
Because all for one
And none for you
What has become
Of you

Demons leading
Sheeple voting
Reality cracking
No one caring
When from this nightmare
Will we be waking
What is this reality
We are living

Verse 2
Life is a joke
Or so it seems
God what has become
Of reality
A game we play
But never win
In this never ending
World of sin
Violence and chaos

That starts within
Unchecked it
Spirals down
And then
Comes back to bite us
Yet we barely notice
So numb
We've become
Ourselves undone
Can this fight
Even be won
Or will we fall
And just be done


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