Rise Out Of Your Hell

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Madness grows
As sadness knows
There is nowhere
Left to go
Got nothing left to show
Have no idea
Who I even am
Tired of being
Told who to be
And sick to death
Of those who
For their own
Selfish reasons
Claim to know
What is good for me
Gotta break the mold
Rebel against the views of old
Gotta find me
And set me free
Before I go insane
Trying to survive
Even one more
Toxic day

Time to rise up
Be myself
And fight
My way out
Of this hell
Become something more
Than a puppet of
An empty shell
Find a way
To the world help
Instead of just
Add to the hell

Verse 2
Rise up
Yes it is time
My children
To rise up
Against the tyranny
Of a society
Trying to
Control us
With their
Bullshit conformity
Yes it is time
To show them the way
Show them that
Is what it truly
Means to be free
And that united through
Beats being divided
By conformity
Any day
Because we simply
Cannot keep
Surviving this toxic way


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