Playing President

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Playing with 
The country 

You are 
Supposed to
Be leading
It is all 

In the interest
Of all of us
While to the 

Rest of the world

Your worth
You think you 
Are selling
Do you really think
We are all
That stupid
We don't see it
Wake up hon
And while your at it
For all our sakes
Please grow
The fuck up

And running
A country
Is serious
Not fun and games
So wakey wakey
Trumpy boy
And step up
And do
What is right
For us
For once

Verse 2

The country

Is practically

In shambles


And yes

It is your fault

Mr. know it all
And doesn’t
Want to listen
To anyone
Who is against
Your precious
Fucking wall

Acting like
A two year old
We didn't 
Vote for you
To for your
Own bloody soul
To be sold
To the devil
You already have
A contract with
You make me sick
When will you 
Get it
We are not 


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