Think Freely

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Speak the truth
And let no one

Sway you
From what
In your heart
You know is right
In a world
So full of opinions
About others opinions
Let yours
Remain yours
Stand by them
And never let yourself
Forget why
You ever thought them
For they matter
Just as you do
No matter what
Society tells you

Free your mind
And think for yourself
Yes speak the truth
Even if the only one
Speaking it is you
The world
Always needs heroes
Are you ready to be one

Verse 2
Is a society
Of idiocy
Created by
A legion
Of recycled
Meant for nothing
But controlling
And making bank
Off of you and me
Break the mold
Fuck what
You are told
Be the you
You were meant to be
And think freely
For that is the only
Hope left for humanity


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