We Need Change, Who Will Step Up?

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

We are our own

Worst tragedy

And it is killing me

That it seems

This is something

We choose to be

Hatred, anger,

Fear and stupidity

Fueling society

As insanity and greed

Controls everybody

We claim to hate it

But never seem to see

That we brought that

Madness on ourselves

Wake up folks

Or suffer

Forever in

Self inflicted hell


Further and further

We fall

Down the rabbit hole

Will we fall until

There is nothing left

Only time will tell

As for now

All I know is we are fucked

And we brought it

On ourselves

Verse 2

Every day

We live for the words

Of a demon cheeto

A hitler wannabe

Who fucks With

His own quotes

Just to back pedal

From shit

That didn't work out

And yet somehow

This is the guy

We run to

And trust to

Make things better

Well done society
You have really outdone yourself
With this one
You wanted freedom
Tell me darling
Do you truly
Feel free now?


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