Stop Bitching, Start Fixing

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We are not just here
To sit back
And watch the world

Go to hell
And bitch about it
While doing nothing
The time to sit
And fucking bitch
Is over

It's time to grow up
Get the fuck up
And go out 
And do something 
About the madness
Effecting us all
We all broke it
It's about time 
We fucking fixed it

A world gone to hell
We only have ourselves
To blame
The game

Is over
Time to do better

Verse 2
Someone else 
Will do it

We tell ourselves daily
Without actually thinking
About the fact
That everyone else
Is thinking 
The exact same 
Thing too
While all we do
Is once again bitch
As surprise surprise
Nothing ever
Fucking gets done
Welcome to 

The true tragedy
Of an entitled 
Fucked up society
No wonder we all 

Live in misery


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