Always Hiding

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Who am I to you
Are you sure
That is what
I should be
Maybe you should
Look closer
See the real me
Now tell me 
Is it just me
Or do you not
See the real you
In the mirror either
Hmm I wonder
Why that is
As you point 
Your fingers
Blaming everyone else

But yourself
Guess what sweet heart
Time to grow up

Always hiding 
Within the fantasy
That lives only
In your head
You think you are
Amazing while
Everyone else

Wishes you were dead
Wake up my dear
Play time is over

Verse 2
Always playing 
Like life 
And everything
Within in it
Are nothing more
Than just one big game
You seem to think
You were born to win
Talk about entitled
Do you even know

What the meaning is
Of the word morals
People are people
Yet the only people
Who count to you
Are the ones who
Can make money
For you
Your history
As you wake
One day
Means nothing
Gee who could have seen
That coming


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