Long Live The Beautiful Rebel

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Be the one
That chooses
To stand out
Own being 
The beautiful
Black sheep you are
And enjoy 
The fuck out of it
For the black sheep
The out of the box thinkers

They are the ones

Paving the way
To a better tomorrow
So keep your head up
And pay the assholes no mind

I'm proud of you
And you should be too

Stay true 
To the real you

Your passion
Your purpose

Your reason
Take it
Run with it
And never ever 
Forsake it
Long live you

Verse 2
Closing in
Trying to convince you
That individuality
Is a sin
Trying to bring you 
Down to their level
So that your true hell
Can begin
As your soul
They will finally win
Fight back
And never stop fighting

Because your freedom
Is worth winning
As is the life
You are meant 
To be living

So dream on
My beautiful rebel
Rise up
And change the world
The way only you can


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