Our Chosen Reality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Living in day dreams
And faded memories
That no longer 
Mean anything
Losing any and all
Sense of reality

More and more daily
Forgetting how to love
With no real understanding

Of why we spend
So much time hating
Humanity fading
Forever inside dying
As to ourselves
We keep on lying
My dear society
Please just tell me
When will we finally
Get to start waking


Our world in shambles
As our cries

Keep echoing
Pleading for help
That is never coming
Pain never ending
Hate always destroying
Welcome to our
Chosen reality

Verse 2
We wake
Each morning
Blindly following
Those who make a living
Controlling us all
Through fear and lying
Keeping us all half a sleep
Happy obediant little sheep
Pathetic puppets on strings
Always willing 
To be dancing
For the puppet masters
Who get off on it
And laugh at us all
Without a care
In the world
Dance puppets dance
As you my little sheeple

Sleep your way through life
Because we say so

And yes we own you
Welcome to reality


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