The Girl With Demon Eyes

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The girl 
With demon eyes
Stormed into my life
Like a hurricane
Category five
Knew the right things
To do and say
To win me over
And keep me blind
Made me think
We were friends
That she was like me

But she was the devil
In real life
And I was 
Her favorite victim

Used me
Abused me
But now you 
Can't silence me
Exposed now
Is what you will be
You no longer scare me

Welcome to the story
Of the girl with the demon eyes

Verse 2
Used a friends death
Your one year old son
And my own family 
Against me
But I guess I should have
Expected that 
From the bitch
That wanted to 
High five
The fact that 
Steve Irwin died
What the fuck
Is wrong with you
Seriously what in life
Has to go so wrong
To give you such
A demonic mind
Oh former friend of mine


Verse 3
You thought 
You knew me

You know nothing
But I know you
And I remember
So friends 
Allow me
To tell you

Abouth the girl
With bad teeth
And horrible skin
So full of herself
Thought she was
God's gift to everyone
But all she ever was
Is a curse on society


Verse 4
I leave you 
My dear society
With this warning
From me personally
If you ever meet
A blue eyed
Red head
With bad skin
And bad teeth
With the initials
Don't look her
In the eyes
And run for your life
Don't let her hurt you
Like she hurt me



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