Welcome To Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world is a mess
And all we are doing
Is making it worse
Some of us
Even on purpose
And those who can stop it
Or at lesast do
Something about it
Never seem
To give a fuck
If you are in need
But can't give them
Financial gain
You are shit out of luck
Welcome to society

Welcome to society
Where nothing
Makes sense
To anybody
While greed 
And insane power
Rule the day
Welcome folks 
To the insanity
We have made
Yes welcome to society

Verse 2
Welcome to the society
That cares more
About power and greed
Selfies and me, me, me
Than it truly does
About those in need
Respect for life
Or human rights
Not bloody likely
Most don't even know
Hoe to respect themself
Let alone 
Anyone else
We are a society in ruins
Surrounded by the selfish and greedy
Pedople dying daily
From our insanity
It's not fair
No one cares
Welcome to society


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