You Think you Know Me

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
You think you know me
You fool

How dare you
For it is me
You have never
Cared enough 
To truly see
Too lost in your
Own madness
To see you are drowning
In a sea of your own sadness
You project your pain

Onto others like me
You see as weak
But if you only knew 
The sad and pathetic truth
The weak is not me
No the weak is you

You see me
As the mirror
You refuse to
Look in 

And see the truth
About yourself
You feel like nothing
So I must be too
So pathetic
I actually feel
Sorry for you

Verse 2

You see me as the enemy

All because I refuse to be

Want you want me to be
But your puppet 

Your blind little 

Obedient sheep
I am not 
Nor will I ever be

So go ahead
Hate me
Beat me down
And belittle me
I will just rise above
Your madness
While refusing
To fall victim
To your sadness
I have my own live to live
And I intend to live it


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