When Will We Finally Do Better

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We must do better
And hell we could
If we truly 

Wanted to 
But we are so

Self absorbed
And blindly driven
To conform

We don't even know
Who we are anymore
Fit in and don't question

By the way everyone 
Is out to get you

So live in fear 
And arm yourself
To the gills 
Because if you don't
You will regret it
We will make sure you will

This madness is tragic
It controls us
While destroying us

And we are letting it
Yes we are letting it win
While everyday asking
What the fuck happened
We need to wake up
My brothers and sisters
We must do better

Verse 2
We say we want
To do better
Yes we are 
So good at talking
A good one
But somehow
Better never
Seems to get done
As we everyday
Wake to another tragedy
Forever bracing
For the next one
And the next after that
I didn't do it
I didn't break it
It's not my fault
Society we just
Don't fucking get it
It is this way of thinking
That is why we need to 
But are not 
Doing better


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