In Mind Sight

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Waking up 

In a world that 

Never seems to make
Any sense to me
So tired 
It's like

My soul is screaming
To say something
But too much
Of me is fried
Want to rest
But know it won't help
I need to break through 
This madness somehow
And remind myself 
Who I am 
Before in the darkness

I am forever lost
Shadows on the wall
Running down the hall
Haunting me 
From beyond
Cursing me 
With insanity 
Claiming it's home
Inside of me
I fight and fight
But in the end
Fall as my soul 
Is just too fucking fried
To keep up the good fight
Verse 2
Brain is fried
And no matter 
How hard I try 
To fight it

It feels like
So much of

The soul has died
That never again
Will I ever 
Feel right
So I walk through life
Feeling like a stranger
In my own home

And neighborhood
Talked about 
But never understood
Feeling so alone
It has me fucking shook
As I wonder if 
Anything left out there
Is good enough 
To still hold onto


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