Message From A Peaceful Night

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
One love
One people
One dream

Under bright star light
On this beautiful
Magickal night
Where suddenly
All thing seem
Somehow possible
And the world 
Is blanketed 
By an overwhelming
Sense of peace
Is it a message
Of course it is
But dear society
Will we finally listen
Open our eyes and see
Or brush it off
As we always have
Once again

Living blindly
Has sadly 
Become our norm
Not good society
When will we learn
Open our eyes
And learn to see
The peace
That can truly be

Verse 2
Days spent 
Watching the news
Always complaining
But never doing
A damn thing
And ignorant
The universe is calling

Begging us to listen
Giving us message
After message
Chance after chance
But we blow it
Again and again
I can't be the only one
Who is sick of it
So lets end this madness

Turn our heads

To the night sky
And let its peace
Finally teach us


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