Endless Tragedy (How Much Can We Take)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Another tragedy

Screaming at us

From the headlines

Another shooting

Taking 5 more lives

Should have

Seen it coming

Yeah probably

Anyone surprised

That we didn't

Not really

Now cops

Have killed a navy vet

Who was just trying

To break up a fight

God help me

All of this shit


It's just not right



President dunce

Doing nothing

But egging on

And profiting from

Our countries violence

And yet folks

This is president

We are supposed to trust?!


Verse 2

What have we done

Tell me son

Are you blind

Or just too stupid

To see what is really

Going on

Power plays

With us all as bait

Both sides 
Using us
Trying to 
Get their way
In this fucked game
That they play
This madness has gone

So mainstream
It's insane
Using tragedies 
Against us
While we just 
Keep letting them
Get away with it
When will we wake up
Yes when will we wake
And declare that no more
Will we again take


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