You Are Here, Enjoy it

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
You are here 
And though 
The reason why
May be unclear
Make the best of it anyway
And cherish 
Every single day
Because you never know
When it could all be
Taken away
So go ahead 
Greet that day 
With a smile on your face
Find something

That makes you happy
And let yourself enjoy it
Because you are worth it
And no matter how you 
Are feeling 
You, yes even you

Deserve to be happy too

Always so busy 
And fussing 
About this and that 
I wonder if 
You will still think 
The worry and fuss
Was worth it 
When you look back 
On your life and realize

Just how much
You let yourself miss 
Because of it 

Verse 2
Life is a journey
Taken for granted
By far too many
Always in a hurry 
To get somewhere 
And be somebody
We exist 
But never 
Seem to truly 
Be living
And that my friends 
Is something that 
Badly needs fixing
So stop for a minute
And just take a second
To look around at life
And appreciate the 
Beauty and magick of it
Before you blink and realize
You spent your whole existence
Missing all of it



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