Victims Of Insanity

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Yes society 
Please just tell me
Why we are all
So damn crazy
We bitch 
About no one 
Fixing anything 
Then beat each other down
In fear and anger 
Instead of helping

And healing each other
The hatred isn't working
But we keep using it
Thinking it will some how
Someday make a difference
We are stuck in a rut
A never ending loop 
Of insanity 
And that's just 
Not ok with me


Victims of insanity
At the sake 
Of our own humanity
Society tell me
What the fuck 
Are we doing
What do we hope
To achieve 
With so much 
Hate and greed
Can't you see
It's just not working

Verse 2
Wake up 
And catch 
The reality check
Society is so out of whack
There is hardly any
Humanity left
Wake up
Yes wake up
While there is still hope
And a better future
To fight for
Speak out

And step up
Fuck hate 
And spread love

All over the place

While there is still 
Love in our hearts
Before we fall
Victim to our own
Hatred and pain
And we forget 
How to even be
Human anymore


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