Violent Intentions (Are We Proud Yet)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
People fighting
Oh so violently
In the streets
Run by a society
Gripped by insanity
Too blind to see
Their own reality
Falling victim
To their own stupidity
Over and over again
Preaching about
While committing
Sin after sin
Only to wake up
The next day
And do it all
Over again
It's driving me crazy
Does any of this
Make sense
To anybody

Lies and excuses
Pointing fingers
While sitting on
Our collective asses
Watching the world
Fall apart
And doing 
Nothing about it
This is the life
We have chosen to live
Are we proud yet

Verse 2
Hatred and ignorance
Making bad situations
Way worse than
They e3ver should be
Beating down
Instead of 
Lifting up
Fighting and hurting
Instead of helping

And healing
It's like the world

Has become void
Of any real 
Or feelings
A world of nightmares
It's like we are all asleep
And violently dreaming
Will we ever wake
To the reality of what
We are doing
Or is this the end
Of a world beyond spent


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