Nightmare Land

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
One and all

To the nightmare
We have become
A land in which
Your sad sad song
Has already been
Time again 
Over and over sung
United as one
Don't make me laugh
A true country of horror
Nothing more
Than a freak show
Is all we are now
Don't like it
Then fix it
It is after all
Our own damn fault

Nightmare Land
Children ripped
From the arms
Of loving parents
And for what
What is the point
As morality 
In this country does
Lie painfully dying

Verse 2
Self absorbed 
Blinded by hate
And greed
We only care
About our own needs
Fear leads us
To do
Un godly things
That we justify
With the same
That in the first place
Left far too many
Fucking blind
Searching for
A comfort 
In a nightmare
That has taken over
And left our 
Beautiful country
In a hell
It really
Does not deserve


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