Wake Up And See Reality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The time 
To wake up
Is now
Society is broken
And we need to 

Fix it somehow
Yes mankind 
Is going down
Falling further
And further into
The madness
That laughs 
As in it 
We all do drown
And without a sound
Wake up children
Before it's too late
We already live
In a world of hate
Madness and violence
Every single day
On the front news page
I don't know 
How much more 
Of this I can take
Verse 2
Wake up 
Little sheep
And see 
The reality 
It's insanity 
In your faces
As it manipulates you
Into never 
Stepping out of
Your so called
True places
The name of their game
Conformity the name
Of our story
Yes wake up society
And see whose asses
You are all truly
Everyday kissing


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