Man Made Gods

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Man made Gods
False prophets 
Making bank 
Getting love
Fucking shit up
Right under 
Our noses 
Yet somehow
No one seems 
To know it
Even though
All they do
Is fucking show it
Demons laughing
As they take over 
In Gods name
We greet them
With open arms
And blindly defend them
While becoming
Their willing victims
Man made Gods
Running the world
Blinded society 
To their truth
As they destroy us all
Me and you
Is their still hope
Or are we already
Just fucking screwed
Verse 2
Man made Gods
Giants, Goliaths
We have put in power
As before them
We bow 
Instead of cower
Heil them
Instead of
Stop them
Before they 
Can do the damage
We should
But never seem
To see coming
Then drown 
In our own insanity
As the paranoia 
They spread 
Starts to 
Take over 
And we start
Destroying each other
Verse 3
Well done society
You sold your humanity
To false prophets 
And demon leaders
For lies 
To help you 
Sleep at night
While ignoring the
Dying part of you
That knows 
None of this is right
Believing all the bullshit
That you see
And is told to you
While bitching and moaning
That no one is doing
Anything to fix the problems
We are seeing
As you sit on your couches
Not moving or doing a damn thing
To make a difference yourself
Because it's someone elses problem
And the man made God
On tv says there is nothing 
To worry about

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