Thank You Troops

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
My country 
'Tis of thee
Blessed be 
To the land 
Of the free
And may we 
Never forget 
What that means
Now and forever 
May we always remember
Those who fought
To give those rights
To all of us
You and me

So many paid
The ultimate sacrifice
For us to have the right
The freedom to live
Our lives
Bless their souls
And their families
Thank you for fighting
To keep us free

Verse 2
Going through hell
So we don't have to
Thank you troops
For all that you do
And may we never 
Forget how lucky we are
To have all of you
And to live in our 
Beautiful country
The land of the free
No matter how chaotic
It can be
Thank you troops for 
Fighting for everybody


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