9 More (When Will You Care)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Another school shooting
We never learn
No instead we just 
Fight each other 
About gun rights 
As we watch it all
Get worse and worse
And this kid had bombs
Oh great
Another thing 
To debate 
How did this
Country get this way
And why are 
We still 
Proud of it

9 more children
Lost their lives
Waiting for society
To wake up
And see the light
When will we learn
When will we care
You get to wake up tomorrow
But 9 children 
Will no longer be there
When will you care

Verse 2
9 kids 
And one teacher 
No longer living 
While this battle 
Ov er gun rights 
We keep fighting 
It's not muslims

It's no immigrants
It's home grown killers
We seem to not

Give a fuck about

Who have far too
Easy access to guns
The same ones 
We are divided about
Get it now?!


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