Not Okay, That's Okay


Verse 1

Wake up

Racing brain

Look in the mirror

What a disgrace

Bad yesterday

Still bad today

Not okay

Don't understand

Feel like something

Is wrong with me

Everybody says

Suck it up

It's all in your head

No I am not okay

And I wish someone

Would understand

YouTube video

Need an escape

Markiplier video

Changes everything

Why can't everyone

Be so understanding


Not okay

That's okay


Has those days

You are not alone

Keep going

You got this

Trust me

You got this

Verse 2

Feeling so down

I wish I could just

Throw in the towel

And give up

Fought so much

I've had it I'm done
Life is never fair

No one cares

Why can't someone

Just care

So alone

What am I still

Fighting for

So much negativity

No one cares

I don't matter

Or at least

That's how it feels

Struggling constantly

Reaching for something

Always out of reach

What's the point

Can somebody

Please just tell me

Then suddenly

A hero on the computer screen

Wise and caring

As his words

Literally change everything


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