The Hell Already Here

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

The hell that we fear

Is already here

Straight to it

By false prophets

Twisting God’s word

We have been steered

Bleeding hearts

Or snowflakes

Is what they call us

Who to their madness

Refuse to give in

And refuse to live

In the sin

They are in denial of

But spread to the world

Like wildfire


Destroying society

At the speed of light

And yet we tell ourselves

Nothing is wrong

While wondering why

Everyday is nothing
But the same old song



Welcome to the

Rabbit hole

Of twisted words

Facts and nonsense

Leading us to a bitter end

We should see coming

But are too blind as sheep

To see the end is coming

So hold on tight

Kiss your ass goodbye

We could have stopped it

We could have cared


Verse 2

Society has become numb

Numb to the fact

That the madness

Has been building

And destroying us

For decades

Numb to the fact that

Those politicians

Who keep talking pretty

Don't give a damn

About you or me

Unless your rich

Rich like them

Then they love you

And think your the best

While still not

Giving a damn

About the rest

The world is a mess
Just like they like it
As on our insanity
And manic depravity
Thay make bank 
They see us as only 
A means to a prophet
And we only have
Ourselves to thank


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