Madness In My Mind Tonight

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Mind is racing
Head is spinning
Are running
My head 
So fast 
It's dizzying
Chaos screaming 
Trying to 
Tell me something
But the more I try
To understand

The more it 
Just drives me crazy
What the hell
Is wrong with me

Madness taking over
Slowing losing control
Mind is fried
Nothing is right
So hold on tight
Because it's going
Down tonight

Verse 2
My soul is 
So restless
It has no
Idea what to do
As I struggle 
To gain control
And keep up

With the
Million thoughts
Speading through
My tired mind
At what feels like
Nothing short

Of a million 
Miles an hour
Maybe more
I close my eyes
Count to five
Hoping to clear my mind
Will I make it 

Through the night
Or just lose 
My self inside 


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