The Truth In the Mirror

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
As adults 
We look at 
And judge
Without getting

To know the person
We tell those
Who are different
They are beneath us
And restrict their rights
Without giving it
Another thought
And somehow 
We can't put 
Two and two together
And figure out 
Why our youth is 
So fucked up
Bullies learn from bullies
And hatred is taught
Not born
So remember parents
Monkey see
Monkey do
What bad behavior you do
Your kids will too
Verse 2
Mothers acting entitled
Fathers bullying others
Parents telling their kids
They are better than
Everyone else
Just because of 
Their family name
Children being taught
To do whatever it takes
To make it to the top
No matter who 
They hurt and step on
On the way
A child neglected
Knowing nothing 
Of respect 
Another abused 
Taught only 
To use his fists
It's so insane
It makes me sick
Verse 3
We keep making 
All kinds of excuses
For why it's
The childs fault

And not on any level
Any fault of ours
The child gets away
With way too much
Punish them harshly

They'll get the point
This is what happens
When we don't 
Spank our kids 
Maybe if we did
They wouldn't be
Bullying and shooting

Each other
But folks I wonder 
If any of you ever
Stopped to figure
Out the truth of the situation

If you want to see 
Whose fault it truly is
Just look in a mirror



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