Long Live The Free

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We are the ones
Who scare you
The ones who refuse
To be a thing like you
And want nothing 
To do with your
Fucked up rules
Dreamers and rebels
Who fight conformists like you
Simply by being ourselves
The individuals
We were born to be
Not here tp play
Your games
Threaten us all you want
But your threats are empty
And don't mean 
A fucking thing
And your sheep
We will never ever be

The blind leading the blind
So far gone you can't
Even see the truth of
Your own insanity
For yourselves
You can't even think
Spewing toxic bullshit
To anyone who will listen
Victims of your greed
We refuse to be
Long Live The Free!!

Verse 2
Trying to silence us
Through fear 
And insanity 
That surrounds us 
Seeing through your lies
We hold our heads up high
And continue to 
Stand up to you
And for what's right
Call you out loudly
We will do proudly
On the daily 
As more and more 
Of your sheep
We are awaking
Try and stop us

Go on I dare you
We will rise above you
And help more and more
Of your puppets 
Forever cut their strings
And finally live free


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