Be You Or Be A Sheeple

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
See the insanity
And feel the intesnity
Yes feel the pain
Of a planet 
Going up in flames

Down is up 
Up is down

So profound
There is no sanity
Anywhere to be found
Or even one voice
Telling truth
In the lies
We are now 
Drowning in
My friends
To the 

Of the end

Voices full of 
And hidden agendas
As they lie 
With the truth 
As the wool
Over our eyes
They pull once again
We blindly fight 
Each other once again
Wondering where 
The hell did we go wrong
Verse 2

We fight 
Day and night
For what we have 
Been told is right
As I slowly realize
There is absolutely
No end in sight
To the madness

Destroying us all
Right before my eyes
Going right along
With the chaos 

Filled crowd

Because to do so
Is what we have
All been told
Not realizing
That the souls
We are trying to save

Have already been sold
Out from under us
Verse 3
The world 
In which
I am living
Too blind to see
The sheep they 

Have allowed 

Themselves to be
Look at me 
Like I am 
The one insane
Because this 
Fucked of game
Of each and every day
Is one I keep
Refusing to play
So I am constantly 
Shunned and 
Pushed away
Told I am nothing
But at least my dear society
I can truthfully say
I am the one living

And thinking free
So suck it 
Because I would rather be me
Than a sheep like you any day



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