Injustice System

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

A country that

Favors the wealthy

And looks down

At the poor

Like we are

Less than nothing

And not a thing more

Hell and injustice

For us all

Is what those

In charge

Have in store
Beating down
And owning us
All for fun

Selling our lives
To highest bidder
The poor the forever losers
As the truly guilty
But wealthy
Pay their way
To freedom

They don't deserve
While the rest of us

For their sins
Insane sentences
We are forced to serve


A joke of a


Gone to hell

And a justice system

Your life to the

Highest bidder

They can't wait to sell

Welcome to

Our man made hell

Verse 2
Judges with hands
In lawyers pockets
Lawyers making bank
On seeing the innocent sink
Getting off on bringing
Those deemed 
To the brink
As they laugh 
At another innocent 
Weep openly in court 
Over a verdict 
They did nothing 
To deserve 
Yet with their very lives
They will pay 
As an unjust sentence
They will serve
If only they had money
They would be free
Just like all
The wealthy criminals 
Instead of landing 
In unjust hell


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