Will You Be The One

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
All it takes 
Is one person
To stand up
And declare 
That enough 
Is enough 
We must do better
For the sake of each other
Because I can't stand 
All of this hatred and violence 
Towards each other
We must start helping 
And healing each other
I am sick and tired
Of us killing one another
For reasons we 
We can't even bother
To remember
I won't take this 
Madness any longer
Enough is enough 
Yes we must do better

All it takes is one
To create a spark
And bring change
Needed to make 
The world better
Will you be that one
Will you stand up
Or will you get lost 
In the crowd

Verse 2
We must do better
Before we all fall
Even further
Down the rabbit hole
Society has become
Drowning in madness
Over come with the sadness
Of the day so tragic
We must rise above the hatred
Give a voice
To the voiceless
And hope 
To the hopeless
No more excuses 
Get off your ass
And do something 
About the madness
The world has lost it magick
We must once again 
For our own sakes find it
Or be doomed to exist
Forever in nothing

But our own darkness


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